How can I use DSG Software Replacements Finder?

This is very simply

Just send us message with all needed details using the form on our -> services ->DSG Software Replacements Finder – more info

How can I pay for your services?

if you have enough credits on your account, in case of Software nad Coding finder – for such a requests your account will be charged for 20 credits

How can I use the coding finder for Mercedes?

This is very simply

Just send us message with all needed details using the contact form on our website


What if I am not satisfied of the tuning?

DSG.EXPERT is a Platform for changing specific parameters DSG gearbox, you decide by yourself what parameters you want to change and what will be the level of these changes if you are not satisfied with your choices, we recommend you to go to ”More Options”, where you will find out about the further tuning possibilities of your DSG.

Will my car have more power?

Yes of course, when you have tuned the engine, raised Red Light Limit and adjusted the pressure on the clutch

What are the advantages of DSG.EXPERT?


  • ”He” is available for you anytime, anywhere at any time of day or night
  • ”He” doesn’t lose your precious time
  • simple in cooperation
  • ”He doesn’t rest on his laurels”, but is still developing


Why do I need to register?

Generally, you do not need, if you want to know the effect of DSG.EXPERT, you can do this without registering. The choice of software and change the parameters can take place without registering, but to complete the tuning process, it is necessary to have an account on the site.

Create of your account takes only a moment.

I do not have any devices which could help me to read needed data of my car, what I need to do?

DSG Assistant – a device which will give you the opportunity to not only diagnose your DSG gearbox but also to read and write software which were modified, collected through DSG.EXPERT